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A much maligned creature. Clever, loyal and persistent.

Hounds the devilish details with dogged persistence. A Jackal of many trades and master of co-ordination...
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I managed the creation of a new website and printed communications materials for bliss, the special care baby charity.

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The real work. Enough of this Jackal nonsense. Find out the real story and see the real work...

Those who speak do not know, those who know do not speak.– Communication is always a bit of a conumdrum, the medium is only a part of the message and redundancy plays a key role.…

The Jackal

Welcome to Richard Swingler's website, showcasing skills in design, website creation, writing and project management.

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Read about my work Project Managing different communications campaigns and moving them in the right direction.

Mark the Spanner

Mark the Spanner Mark is a fine mechanic. He has got himself into some tight situations in his time, his adventures... continue reading


Room2Heal is a small human rights charity. I helped them with communications more...

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