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Jack of all trades...

Days of the Jackal

The Jackal is an experienced generalist. Put briefly, he knows jack all, and that makes him an expert.


Portrait of the Jackal

Who is the Jackal?

The Jackal has learned by experience (some of it bitter), that the way to survive is to co-operate. He has evolved survival strategies, by default he has become a project manager.

The Jackal has tried many things, and often has failed dismally. If you learn by your mistakes, then the Jackal is a genius.

Clint Eastwood said: 'A man's gotta know his limitations'. The Jackal has learned something about his, the hard way.

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Is the Jackal a workaholic?

All nature programmes rely on the fact that a close look endears you to the star. The Jackal is no exception, once you begin to understand his single-minded, compulsive need to bring down the prey, and how much desperate wheedling and beguilement it takes, then you find yourself sympathising. You feel his need and understand he has to be a workaholic just to survive.

Is the Jackal able to deliver?

Experience suggests that he wins through in the end. The snarling bravado of the Jackal is not all posturing. The padding covering the Jackal's bones testifies to a track record that includes some surprisingly impressive kills. Although other beasts were also involved in bringing the quarry down, and the Jackal's role in the hunt might go un-remarked, the Jackal is able to scavenge and has a place at the table.

Who is the Jackal?

The Jackal is here on this website to communicate my ability to manage projects successfully. He is also a token of my capacity to create and illustrate characters to engage and convey concepts and information. Things can get interesting when expectations are defied and extra effort is required to decode the message.

Where does the Jackal come from?

The Jackal is from everywhere and nowhere. His lair constantly shifting as he hunts down the latest quarry. The Jackal lives in the recesses of your mind and, being a semi-wild creature, is a figment of my imagination.

Projects are about people, not Jackals, so deal with that.…

The Jackal, with apologies to Baas de Baar