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Not a Jackal...

Richard Swingler's credentials document, featuring Jackal and pirate illustrations

Freelance Design and Production

Download my credentials PDF (19 MB) to see more examples of my work.

Get in touch to discuss how I can help you to move your communications projects in the right direction with Design, Artworking, or Project Management for communications projects.

These STUFF pages explain a bit about what I do, stuff like helping to develop and implement brand guidelines or project-managing things like exhibitions or the Christian Aid Week envelope. Get in touch to find out more, or read my comments to get a bit of background.

Freelance skills for hire

I have a wide range of skills and experience to help make your communications project successful.

Particular strengths include ensuring coherent integration of work across channels, and cost-effective procurement. I have extensive work experience within the voluntary sector and a wide network of contacts.

Types of project

Websites, Multi media, Email campaigns, Brochures, Annual Reports, Mail shots, Branding and brand refresh, Exhibition work, Campaigns, Fundraising collateral and educational materials – just some of the types of project and output I have successfully worked on.

Project management

I can bring project teams together to ensure that effective communications work is delivered within budget and timescale. I've worked across a variety of disciplines, I am able to be pragmatic, diplomatic and flexible in ensuring that creative and effective work gets done to high standards.

I am particularly experienced in delivering communications projects for large charities (both digital and print), however the skills are fundamental and transplant to other contexts.

Design and Artworking

I provide design concepts for both online and printed work. I artwork to professional standards using Adobe CS4 InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, delivering final artwork for print, and PS files for online applications.

Copy writing and editing

Where appropriate I contribute to the development of copy, ensuring the right words and tone of voice. I am accustomed to working closely with writers and editors and I understand the requirements for SEO and taxonomy. I have specialist contacts for working with words including copy writing, editing, indexing, SEO and proof reading.


I am an experienced production manager. I have been involved in the development and improvement of publishing workflow systems in several organisations.


I've been involved in developing new brands for a variety of clients. I also have experience with brand implementation and brand management. I understand the need for staff within organisations to own the brand, and have been involved in working to break down the barriers to this to ensure that brands are vibrant and integrated.

Vodafone Foundation Reach report cover image

Design Manager at Forster

As Design Manager at Forster I project managed work for clients such as Vodafone, Depertment of Health and the Home Office.

Shelter 40th anniversary report cover

Design manager at Shelter

I project managed the implementation of Shelter's award winning re-branding.

Last summer when a major external supplier let us down, it was Richard who stepped up the plate to rescue the project. Working extremely long hours and managing a disparate group of freelance contractors / set builders, Richard delivered all of the materials and sets required for a key event in the Christian Aid calendar.

If you're looking for a senior designer able to operate independently and manage projects from beginning to end, then Richard is definitely worth talking to. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending him.…

Steven Buckley, Head of Communications and Brand at Christian Aid

...she was phoning to say that she had received the e-newsletter and thought it looked fantastic, so wanted to congratulate us on a good job. I also sent her a preview of the first How To guide as she was closely involved and she thought that looked great too. Always nice to hear positive feedback!.…

Emma, internal client at Forster, passing on feedback from the Department of Health about my work

This is about Richard Swingler – showcasing skills in design, project management, writing and illustration.

Download work samples (Credentials PDF 19 MB)

Superb design and reliable delivery

"Richard is a superb designer and delivered a wide range of print and multimedia projects during his time at Christian Aid. Work which was consistently delivered on time, to budget, and to a high standard."

Steven Buckley

Head of Communications and Brand at Christian Aid


'Richard is an extremely creative, reliable and versatile design, production and communications professional. He is capable of handling multiple projects and transforming scant or complex briefs into superb delivery of multi-faceted exhibitions, high profile annual reports, DVD roms or a series of print merchandise materials. He has great knowledge of the print industry, is a creative designer and has brilliant project management and research skills. Richard is a great asset to any company or organisation seeking for superb quality and delivery of communications.'

Frances McConnell

Head of Design and Editorial at Christian Aid

Positive feedback

<<...Seriously good job and thanks for turning this round so quickly and managing clearance etc. ...>>

Linda, client at Department of Health - commending me for my work on FRANK materials at Forster

Job well done

<< A triumph of design diplomacy, I think that it has turned out extremely well >>

Pip Emery, Brand manager at Christian Aid - commending me for my work on Christmas materials

Praise from the boss

To: Richard Swingler;

Subject: E-learning interface design guidance and navigation icons

<< Wow Richard - thank you for swift and excellently written response!!!!>>

Head of Design at Christian Aid


"Richard was a delight to work with yesterday. We really appreciate his help at such short notice."

Web content manager at Christian Aid

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